Tech Support

Product Support is an often under-appreciated aspect of software product management that often serves as the link between support and the rest of the product development lifecycle. Support is more than call centers checking to see that the customer in fact installed the software. This is the best place to get feedback on the quality of the products that you deliver and an opportunity to learn about the features and functionality that customers are looking for.
It’s important that you select a partner that fully understands your market and your product on a technical level to turn information into valuable insight and understands the implication of each customer interaction to the rest of the product development lifecycle.
Level 2: Technical Product Support Agents – specialists skilled in product interoperability perform complex incident replication and problem resolution. This includes environment management, knowledge management, problem management, functionality testing, release & implementation consulting and report generation
Level 3: Deep Product Support Agents – senior customer service agents with deep product knowledge perform detailed technical consulting to resolve client problems. This includes complex problem management, knowledge management, product engineering sustenance and bug fixing, release management, escalation management, service level management, customer management, and support project/program management to include training